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I am Satoko, I have been watching drama since 2005. My Japanese teacher at the time lent me a video with a drama on it (actually, Ace wo Nerae) and since then I have been crazy about dramas.

In this blog, I will offer small reviews with my impressions and feelings of any first episode of any J-dramas that I watch. I decided to be doing this because I watch the first episode of every drama every new season already. When I researched a blog about Japanese drama reviews, I did not find any blogs that review only J-dramas. 

I will also do a more comprehensive review for a drama that I completed. I will review any drama that I watch, so this is not only about new dramas.

English is also not my mother tongue, I will be very happy if you tell me if I did any kind of English mistake and I will correct it. I will do my best!


  1. I wanted to let you know I totally love your blog!!! Keep it up!!

    1. Aww Thank you, this warms my heart. I am really glad you are enjoying it.

    2. Hi, may I know what video software should I use to watch?
      I tried VLC but subtitles didn't work.

      Thank you.

    3. Hi,
      The subtitles have to be the same file name of the video you are trying to watch. Example :
      dramaepisode1.mp4 subtitles : dramaepisode1.srt . Then it will load automatically in VLC.

  2. Hi we have group for Japanese movies and Dorama lovers on facebook. would you guys join it? Sankyuuu~ ^^

    the group is Jmovies & Dorama Lovers

    1. I will look into it and join your group, thanks for the invite!