Sunday, March 22, 2015 Closure [It's back!]

Edit: After this scare yesterday, Gooddrama seems to be back in action. We do not know the cause of all this, but I saw rumours of hacking. 

Original Post:
This morning I went to the Gooddrama website like usual to be greeted by a message stating they have closed.

I was very depressed after the closure of DramaCrazy, it was my favorite website. I turned to GoodDrama after but even if it wasn't exactly the same, it was still good. Recently I stopped using it because it made ma computer extremely slow from all the ads. Even, the website I was using was linking to gooddrama videos I think. However, another drama website being closed down means we are loosing access to many hard to find dramas. Torrents are still available and maybe the best option to support the people who are subbing, however when dramas are old or unpopular like the ones I tend to watch, it is not a good option. 

There are alternatives to watch drama online. The one I recommend the most and I am guilty for forgetting about it is Crunchyroll. This site is legal and they pay to have the right to have the dramas. If you subscribe you have access to HD quality and no ads. I personally wished we could have all the japanese dramas on that site since it is legal, I feel like I do contribute to the people making dramas.

Dramafever is another legal option. Their japanese collection is abysmal in my opinion. Again it is a subscription services which would be worth it if they had way more titles.

Lastly, the website I have been using a lot lately is The reason why I like it is because of how clean it is. You can easily tell what is a korean or japanese drama. You can browse the titles and can select by genres as well. They also have good selection and mirrors. It doesn't look to me to be a very popular website yet, I hope they won't shut down anytime soon..

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  1. This site is another good alternative as well