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Akumu-Chan Special review

I have fond memories of the original Akumu-Chan series back in 2012. It has come to my attention that the was a Special and also a movie!


The special takes off after the drama series. A new school project between class 5-2 and a high school is established to take place. The project is a good opportunity to increase the kid's communication skills and think about their future. As usual, Koto Yuiko dreams nightmares about the students. Full of dreams and magic, the special is a prequel to the movie.  




Akumu-Chan the drama series aired in 2012. I do not know how successful it was, but I remember watching that series as it was airing and really enjoying it. I loved every episode and I am not surprised to see that both a special and a movie has been made. I think they deserved it! However when it comes to specials episodes following a good series with a sensitive ending, you can definitely wonder if the special is worth watching.This is why I usually wait a bit before watching a special after I am done watching the drama.

The special's story starts not too long after the drama, Mutoi Ayami sensei is still teaching the same class (5-3) with Koto Yuiko. However I couldn't remember if the other students in the class were the same. It didn't really matter, even if it had been a while, I didn't feel that lost and the story slowly came back to me. On the other hand, for someone skipping the drama and watching this it will be very confusing, not because the story is that complicated, but it has many magical elements and it would just seem odd I think.

The special is about 1h30 mins long and it is like a long version of a standard episode : some event happens, Koto Yuiko has a nightmare and Mutoi Ayami analyses the dream and try to avoid the bad premonition. We also have a special guest appearance by the Momoiro Clover Z crew (the singers of the ending theme) which makes it interesting. Compared to the drama, I thought that the story was as satisfactory. I thought that the jokes were funny. Overall, it left me with a good warm feeling at the end.

However, nothing wasn't really unexpected and there was some plots twists that could have been handled better in my opinion. Basically the story plot was somehow predictable and surprises and twists were not as exiting and thrilling as they could have been. The motive for the character behaving badly in this episode was weak and confusing why it was like that. There also is a lot of dream scenes. It might be because it has been while since I watched the drama, but I felt there was too many dreams, to the point where you think it's reality until you realize it was a dream again. 


For the main cast, the special keeps the same regular cast. Not much surprises here, the characters haven't changed that much. It was good to see them again. I particularly like Kitagawa Keiko's performance here. Her personality is original for a main female character. I don't know how to say it nicely, but I do enjoy her "bitchy" behavior and I feel Kitagawa makes it look believable. Yet, I am aware some people don't like her and her acting and that it feels fake. Personally I don't really see that.

Child actress Kimura Manamu is adorable as ever. She pretty much acts very shy the whole episode but it is cute and it looks genuine. I wished that the character would have developed more, we do see some of that but it is extremely slow.

We have a cameo appearance of the singer group of the ending theme. I think it's a cute idea. They aren't actresses, so I think they did fine. Their role in the story isn't that great but that is not their fault.


I seriously only took notice of the main theme sang by Momoiro Clover Z , which is played many times throughout the special, even with instrumental versions. It is a really catchy song from an idol group. I usually really don't like those but for some reason I like this song a lot and even got me interested in Momoiro Clover. I am listening to all their songs now..

As for the other music tracks I sadly don't remember any as it happens when I don't watch it alone (so without headphones). 


If you really enjoyed the Akumu-chan series, I think you would also be interested in Naniwa Shounen Tanteidan which I reviewed here. It is a mysteries series with an elementary school teacher as the main character, together with students from her class they unravel mysteries happening around in the neighborhood. Sounds really familiar, no? The two series are very family and kids friendly. Personally I prefered Akumu-Chan but Naniwa Shounen Tanteidan isn't bad. 

Akumu-Chan is based on a book

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