Friday, February 6, 2015

Kekkon Shinai ep1 thoughts

 I have been doing a lot of self study of japanese lately and realized that I have been doing that for more then 10 years.  Today, I decided it was time. I have been relying on English subtitles for a decade, all my work while studying hasn't really paid off yet. So, I told myself I have to force myself to watch a drama with NO subs! So, I thought I should go with something I am very similar with a very very simple plot, going though my list of dramas I saw Kekkon Shinai. Sounds like something I have watched before, (watashi ga renai dekinai riyuu) so I tried to watch it (I was really lucky to find japanese subtitles) and I succeeded! So here is my thoughts on the first episode!

Synopsis:(from dramawiki)

According to a national census, the number of unmarried women between the age of 30 to 40 has been increasing and is now at the highest. Compared to 10 years ago, the rate of unmarried women have increased by 6.7% and 8.5% for woman in their early 30’s and late 30’s, respectively. Why are they not getting married?

The women appearing in this drama are unmarried for various reasons including, they have high expectations, are not able to be themselves in front of men, become attracted to losers, think being single is much more easier, or they think men are unreliable. They’re almost about to lose all hope, however, it’s not that they don’t want to get married, it’s just...things just don’t work out, they don’t know if they’re getting married for themselves or to please others, or they question whether there really is a reason to get married. This drama will realistically portray the trials and tribulations of love, friendship, and work of these women.


My impressions:

Watching this didn't go as smoothly as planned. Without the Japanese subs I don't I could have done it. Even so, understanding every sentence was not possible and gave up on some of them. I used the dictionary for every sentence. I try to tell myself that, by hearing, seeing the actions on video, having a context, seeing the kanji will be the best way to learned those new words with a goal that maybe by the end of this drama I have collected a bunch of new learned terms.

Luckily the main theme of this drama is obvious, it's all about marriage. Kekkon Shinai episode 1 introduces us to the main casts all going through a common theme, they are not married, so it seems for various reasons, may it be by choice on unluckiness. I think first of all it is important to take into consideration the Japanese culture and marriage which I think has a much different implication. Women had to marry early, and when doing so had to quit their job (still many does that presently), however there is a rising number of them who still works. The drama does a good job to show us the situation in Japan.

It is obvious from the first episode that the story will evolve into couples and love relationships, the meaning of marriage and its implication. It really isn't anything special, well, I feel like I have watched the same story line before in watashi ga renai dekinai riyuu. For the western population, this kind of story isn't original at all, but I think it is fresh from a Japanese point of view.

It's really girly and seems to caters for women in their 20s and 30s. It's pretty much all about marriage the whole thing. It is a very good drama for those of you who are interest in learning while watching drama, because a lot of words are repeated often and the context is not complicated.

Just for fun :), here is some words I have learned in this episode: 

Mikon 未婚: unmarried
Shinkon 新婚: newly-wed
Mikomi 見込み: hope , expectation
Tatekomu 立て込む: busy (use with a inanimate subject) ex: work was busy.
Ashifumi 足踏み: Standstill
Iya ni: extreme/excessive degree
Nesshin 熱心: enthusiast
Otagai お互い : Mutual

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